Blue Wizard

Blue Wizard

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Blue Wizard

Women drink a few minutes after the rapid effect, pink face slightly red, shortness of breath, fluorine breath burning, eye longing, hot, at this time the female passionate, itchy vagina, inner thighs tingling, urgent need to make love with you and can not help themselves, so that you can do whatever you want.

Main ingredients: Spain imported raw materials '(OpS), night lily, rose and other extracts.

Scope of application: for adult female citizens

Date of birth: see package

Expiry date: three years

Usage and dosage: 5-1 0 minutes before intercourse to take the product 1 / 3 bottle into the xin material, wine, tea can be.

Volume: 15ML/bottle

1,the most prohibited use of this product to entice girls;
2,24 hours can not be repeated after the use;
3,this product is only legal couples use;
4,Pregnant women, cardiovascular disease patients prohibited

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