Hot chili Yilii Balo body Slimming Gel

Hot chili Yilii Balo body Slimming Gel
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Product Description

Hot chili Yili Balo body Slimming Gel 85mg/250mg

1. Helps to absorb body’s harmful chemical substances and make use of micro-organisms to naturally clear toxins

2. Has a natural supply of useful body’s natural mineral that deeply nourishes skin, thus leading to a miraculous beauty effectiveness.

3. Be able to have skin humidity bi-directional regulatory function (double effects of both moisture absorption and release) and moisturize the skin

4. Be able to effectively protect human body from harmful electromagnetic and ammonia, thus providing the physical body with a healthy environment.

5. Helps to naturally release far infrared heat effect, massage skin for blood circulation and accelerate skin metabolism.

6. Ingredients: natural red pepper oil, natural propolis, natural ginger extract, Seaweed Extract

7. How to use: a) After taking a bath/shower, simply scoop a certain amount over on your palm and then do massage into the desired body areas (e.g. wrists, arms, waist, lower abdomen, hip, thigh) that you want to slim down and massage in an upwards direction. b) Applies it to the target areas at daytime and night-time once for six consecutive days to achieve the best result. c) Rinse your hands after applying the cream/gel.

8. Suitable for all types of skin.

9. NOTE: You will feel a heating sensation after applying for about15 minutes.

10. Do not apply too many times and different people may experience varying degrees of heat due to different skin type.

11. If you feel it is too hot for you to bear, please use a cooling agent like aloe vera gel to cool your skin.

Not to be used by people with medical condition or taking medications, childre, nursing or pregnant women. Please contact you care health provider before starting any time of diet.

Disclaimer: not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Thisproduct has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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