Instinct Penis Enlargement Pill

Instinct Penis Enlargement Pill

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After the success of clinical trials to market the latest U.S. Weiland upgrade products, he is safer than Weiland, the effect is more significant, won the world's safest and best-selling men's nutritional food title. After taking the product, erections can occur within ten minutes, and within thirty minutes, the penis can thicken, enlarge and harden. Taking the product for a long time can make the penis permanently strengthened in terms of length, circumference and hardness.

Main Ingredients:
Deer Antler, Ginseng, Hippocampus, Actinidia, Lonicera, Fructus Lycii, Cistanches, Radix Rehmanniae, etc.

Suitable for:
1,Those who are dissatisfied with the speed and hardness of penile erection.

2,Those who need to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse due to sparse sperm, no explosive power and lack of pleasure.

3,Pursuing the quality of life, realizing the perfect self, need to extend the time of sexual intercourse.

4,short penis, poor genital development. Middle-aged and old people with weak kidneys, penile atrophy, premature ejaculation. Sexual desire is reduced:

5,unsatisfied with their own penis, the need to thicken and increase the size, to achieve secondary development.

6, suffering from premature ejaculation, impotence and other sexual dysfunctions have a miraculous effect.

Harmonizing yin and yang, warming the yang and tonifying the kidneys, reinforcing the body and strengthening the essence.

Contraindications: Women and children

Packing: 6800mgx10 capsules/box

Usage and dosage:1 capsule once a day.

Expiry date: 2 years

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