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JaMu Herbal Tighten Vaginal Rod

JaMu Herbal Tighten Vaginal Rod
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Product Description

JaMu Herbal Tighten Vaginal Rod

For many centuries, the JAMU HERBAL STICK (Tightening Herbal Stick)  has been used widely as a Traditional Indonesian Medicine.  The Malay Madura women were well known for their beautiful & voluptuous figures.   They were known to be able to age gracefully by preserving their Health, Vitality & Beauty, & at the same time, maintaining highly satisfying sexual relationships with their husbands.

 The Jamu Herbal Stick is made from specially selected Natural Herbs found only on Madura Island in the Malay Archipellago.  The formula is closely guarded for generations & handed down within the family line.

 The Jamu Herbal Stick helps to:-

       Stimulate & intensify mutual excitement during intercourse.

      Eliminates Vaginal Discharge & odour from the vaginal.

      Provide relief to discomfort due to internal irritation in the Vagina

       Tones, Tightens & Strengthens the Vagina Muscles

When the Herbal Jamu Stick is inserted into the vaginal, the Herbal Essence is absorbed by the skin in the vaginal, thus tightening the vaginal muscles.  It helps to increase the feeling of Youth & Vitality during intercourse & heightens greater sexual sensations & satisfaction during intercourse.


 1        Wash the hands & cleanse yourself

 2        Before inserting the Jamu Herbal Stick, ensure that the vaginal is dry

 3        Relax the body & insert the Jamu Herbal Stick into the vaginal for 1 – 2 minutes

 4        Gently remove the Herbal Jamu Stick

 5        Rinse the Herbal Jamu Stick under running water.  (Do Not Use Soap)

 6        Leave it to dry vertically in a dry & well ventilated place.

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