Pearl Whitening Detoxifying Slimming Capsule

Pearl Whitening Detoxifying Slimming Capsule
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Product Description

Pearl whitening detoxifying slimming capsule

Production description:
Main Ingredients:
Birds Nest, pearl, ganoderma lucidum, semen cassias, ginseng, vitamin B1, B2, iron, zinc, calcium

Main effect:
Reducing weight, whitening, beautifying the skin.

Main Characteristics:
1. Safely and rapidly reduce fat; reduce fat 5-10 kilograms in a month
2. Comply with the five main standards of reducing fat proposed by WHO (World Health Organization) with no anorexia, No rebound, safety, free from side effects
3. It has detoxifying, beautifying, whitening effects while reducing fat.
4. Target reducing fat, especially reducing fat on waist, abdomen, arm, thigh, redundant fat.
5. Prevent constipation, reduce toxin in the body, and improve body immunity function.

Specification: 400mg x 30 capsules

Usage: Every day in the morning and evening each a grain. Keep the slender daily use a grain.

Appropriate crowd: Simple obesity, adolescent obesity, postpartum obesity, need to keep the slim

Not appropriate crowd: Children, pregnant women, serious disease patients avoid is used.

Storage method: Keep in cool and dry place

Shelf life: Two years

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