USA DH2O Drops

USA DH2O Drops

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USA DH2O Drops

USA DH2O is one of the best-selling female libido stimulant drugs in the global market in 2007 with excellent results. It makes her turn into a kind of female beast, with a novel aroma when she is in heat, which is exceptionally attractive. The dimple is red, the breath is like an orchid, and the shyness can not be suppressed.

USA DH2O/USA DH2O is the most obvious feature is the effect of long duration, the unique formula can let her quickly stimulate, wake up her sleeping desire, at this moment she will feel the body slowly changing - nipple erection, labia repair clitoris exposed, endocrine increase. The fire of desire burns in the body, can't help but crave for intercourse, passionate as fire, the whole body is on fire, the heart is moving, the tide of sex is hard to repress, the nerves in the pubic area are especially excited, the frenzy of sex is unrestrained, doubling the pleasure, getting the extreme experience of wanting to die, and enjoying the joy of life that has not been experienced before.

Effectiveness: Motivate female sexual desire, USA DH2O/USA DH2O has a definite improvement effect on female sexual indifference; it makes the survival of couples more even.


Use and Dosage:Take 1 bottle 15 minutes before intercourse. total amount not more than 2 bottles in 24 hours.

Ingredients: Natural plant extracts.

1, Minors, pregnant women, cardiovascular patients are prohibited.
2, Keep away from children, avoid light treasury.
3, this product is only for couples to start, had to track start.
4, please do not overuse.

Friendly reminder: USA DH2O/USA DH2O unique straw type sealing mouth design, to the user to bring greater convenience

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